A summit with an exclusive program

The eighth Sustainability Summit sees the inauguration of the first Digital Economy Conference, under the patronage of the government of the UAE, with the Council of Arab Economic Unity.

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DEC 2018 Event Program


A new international initiative for those driving change in the region

DEC 2018 will offer a top class two-day conference agenda, with simultaneous translation to and from Arabic to facilitate the experience of government delegations from the region and guests. Speakers from around the world will be illustrating the status of technology projects worldwide.

  • DAY 1  Global outlook and digital economy agenda for the region
  • DAY 2 Are we ready for breakthrough innovation?

High-profile networking opportunities are secured for all participants and exclusive meetings are organized during the two days for select delegations and working groups.

DEC's conference program is supported by the Sustainability Summit Working Groups focusing on key aspects of technology innovation in key industry sectors and across today's societies: 

  Future Cities
  Finance Transparency Forum
  HealthTech Innovation
  Automotive Innovation
  Electronics Day

DEC 2018 assesses key benefits and challenges related to the advent of disruptive technologies: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, Big Data, Robotics, 3D Printing, systems for Electric Cars.

In the era Artificial Intelligence

When did the Artificial Intelligence era start? Who are its leaders? How far reaching is the progress and how deep the transformation it promises to bring to our society? How ready are we to face the challenges implied? Are we ready to ride the wave of AI and will our societies suffer or thrive because of the transformation brought about by the AI revolution?
AI in Healthcare, Transportation, Finance, Education, Security, Defense, Labor, Space, Entertainment... what are its pros and cons from a societal standpoint?

Disruptive technologies

  • from Big Data to Blockchain
  • from Robotics to 3D printing
  • from Algorithms to New Electronics

Digital Transformation engages all sectors of today's economy, disrupting many established businesses and creating new avenues of growth. It spans across all aspects of human interaction and reshapes the horizons of business-to-consumer and government-to-citizen relations. New technologies come of age bringing an all new set of opportunities for our economies to embrace innovation and progress.

Driving digital transformation

Staying abreast of the technology-driven changes that affect all areas of today's economy means understanding the evolution of hardware, software and systems.
It begins on one hand with the science of materials applied to electronics manufacturing, while the develpment of powerful algorithms and user-friendly applications sees us empowered with unprecedented opportunities. Shifting hardware and software to the cloud enables organizations to reduce their IT infrastructure costs, while at the same time increasing digital security and simplifying compliance with ever-increasing regulatory requirements.

DEC 2018 is the place where we can start designing a strategic roadmap of investments, policy formulation and technology development as we embrace the full power of digital technologies to reinvent processes, products and services. Together, we can create a strong and collaborative digital economy that can help our societies stay a step ahead of all types of challenges.

Registration: please register by December 15 to confirm your interest in taking part in the conference as invited guest. Members of government delegations and invited guests can register for free providing their invitation code. Limited seating is available for additional delegates (subject to approval by the Organizers). DEC conference delegate policies apply.


Future Cities
Finance Transparency Forum
HealthTech Innovation
Automotive Innovation
Electronics Day


Two days of intensive knowledge sharing

DEC 2018